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4 Reasons to Start Therapy in 2021

If you’re like most people, you brought in the new year with a list of resolutions and if you’re like most people, all of those resolutions have one goal: to better your life in some way. Whether that is through eating right, working out, learning a new language or decluttering your home office, resolutions are made to help us live our best lives.

In all of these instances (health, weight loss, decluttering) therapy can help.

You see, most people believe mental health therapy is something you seek when there is a major crisis; when we need help navigating depression or anxiety; when we’re going through a big transition; or when our marriage is on the verge of collapse. While therapy can absolutely help with all of these scenarios, it offers numerous benefits you may not have thought of:

Therapy Can Benefit your Overall Mental Health

Seeing a therapist on a regular basis can allow you to address and improve your overall mental health. Therapy can allow you to process, identify and learn new coping skills to address some of the roadblocks preventing you from reaching your full potential. The therapeutic process is a collaborative effort and it is through this process that you can grow and heal.

Build Self-Awareness

Many of us think we are running our lives when really, our lives are being run by subconscious programming from early childhood. Therapy helps clients understand where feelings, beliefs, and behaviors really come from. It can elicit insight and awareness about some of the things we may not be able to identify. Through treatment, individuals can become more self-aware and empowered to take responsibility for the lives they are creating. In this way, THEY create their lives instead of their lives being something that is happening TO them.

Explore Hidden Desires

Of course, self-awareness also means becoming aware of your passions and desires. Many people spend a majority of their life doing what others want instead of what THEY want. And many people may not yet KNOW what they want in life.

Therapy can help you become an archeologist of sorts, digging into your heart, mind and soul to uncover what it is you value, love, desire, need and want.

Realize Your Goals

It’s the new year and we all have new goals that we are hoping to reach. Well, therapy can help you reach those goals! A trained therapist can help you set achievable goals as well as help you outline the micro-steps you’ll need to take to get there. They can also then act as coach and cheerleader, supporting your efforts to reach your goals. Yes, therapy is something that you can turn to for depression, anxiety, and challenges encountered

in relationships, but therapy can help with so much more. An important consideration when seeking a therapist is not all therapists are created equal and we may not be able to help every client that comes through the door. Ideally, the therapeutic process is collaborative effort and when the therapeutic relationship is strong, it can allow for healing and growth.

If you’d like to explore treatment options in the new year, please get in touch with me.

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